The key feature of the new 8Bit Mixtape is the easiness of uploading new codes using an audio communication protocol, means just playing a .wav sound file from your computer/smart phone (or walkman). A specific bootloader (TinyAudioBoot) has to be installed on the chip to be able to do so. The bootloader is the first program that is started when you turn on your mixtape. you should see the right led blinking slowly.


testComponents-Advanced Test all the components of your hardware 8BitMixtapeNEO
05092008_ChrisMicro_TraschMetalResearchGroup A claasiic by ChrisMicro 8BitMixtapeNEO
NEO_8Pixel_oneliners Algorithmic sounds, inspired by Viznut. Updated the classic OneLiners to the 8Bit Mixtape NEO, turn on/off visuals. 8BitMixtapeNEO
Attiny SoundPitix-VCO NEO A simple VCO, slightly outdated software syhnth, but cool with visuals now. Board needs to be restarted again after upload to work properly. 8BitMixtapeNEO
IrqPcControlSynth 054 PC controlled synthesizer with two LFO and one HFO To control the synth you need this java application. Download Main_IrqPcControllerForSynth.jar 8BitMixtapeNEO
Family Mart Chime Because we can... Greetings from Taipei! 8BitMixtapeNEO
One Pixel Board Ada_1Pixel_oneliners 8BitMixtapeNEO
Gär Lämpli - ギャランプリー - 起酵燈仔 Gär Lämpli - ギャランプリー 8BitMixtapeNEO

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